Uber Eats Los Angeles to Change Fee Structure - Drive Girl Drive
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Uber Eats Los Angeles to Change Fee Structure

Over the weekend Los Angeles UberEATs Drivers received news that the payment structure would change. Interestingly enough, some drivers were informed that their commission rate would be increased to 35% and others were not notified of that change.

My initial video covered the discussion on the rate change and the impact on drivers. Once I posted it, several drivers informed me of the commission increase, which I was unaware of.

I ran into a fellow driver yesterday who, in fact had the email with the commission increase noted. Judging by the comments on my video, I am not the only one who didn’t receive a note, and there are a few drivers who didn’t receive that email at all.

Come 12/12/16 it will be interesting to see if the changes will be implemented across the board or if Uber plans on making those changes incrementally.

Correction video:

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