Why Are #DeleteUber Women are Mad At Lyft Too? - Drive Girl Drive
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Why Are #DeleteUber Women are Mad At Lyft Too?

Are people really this naive? Or do I know too much? Here’s my response to the #DeleteUber women’s reaction to Lyft’s self-proclaimed motto, a safer alternative to Uber.

You cannot allow a marketing message to make you change how it is that you go about living your life!!!

I read an article today about the title is HOW LYFT LOST THE TRUST OF #DELETEUBER WOMEN WHO THOUGHT IT WAS “WOKE” and it starts off with Lyft markets itself as a safe, progressive alternative. And these women say it’s the same as everything else. Can I burst your bubble for a second? Lyft drivers are Uber drivers. I don’t know what Lyft does or Lyft claims they do to make their rides safer, more progressive, and more welcoming to women. The drivers drive on both platforms. Have you ever looked in the window of a driver? If there’s an Uber sticker and most likely there’s a Lyft sticker, it’s very rare to find drivers who don’t drive for both platforms in large cities. So I’m not saying in effect that like Uber drivers are inherently evil and bad and want to assault you. What I’m saying is the same people service both platforms and when you get this job, there’s no training that you go through.

You’re essentially pretty much have to learn the job on your own. You don’t come in contact with the supervisor. There is no one that tells you that shares a code of ethics. There’s no one that tells you how to do the job, what you, what’s to be expected. There’s no coaching on customer service. There’s nothing like that. So for Lyft to even claim that their rides are more safe is bogus, it’s not true. And you are being exposed to individuals, I mean it’s pretty much everyone. Everyone has their own business, so the way I run my business is going to be different than the way someone else runs their business. So if you come in contact with drivers every day, all day long, it’s like coming in contact with people with their, with, you know, different businesses. And so you can’t expect for all of us to run our business the same.

My thing is being a woman who drives and being a woman who also rides as well, you can’t let your guard down just because someone is on a platform. You need to operate in a way that where you can ensure you’re safe regardless of what happens. You can’t rely on this gps tracking them being tied to an app for anyone to um, make good decisions when it comes to you. And I’m not passing the blame onto the women because there’s several different instances that, you know, all of these different court cases that are coming out right now against Lyft and the sexual assault, there’s plenty of them on the other side with Uber. And there’s plenty where the writer had done this to the driver. Okay. So what I’m saying for is just to provide some clarity. I feel like there’s this utopian sort of the society, this alternate universe where people think that they can get into cars and everything should be fine.
And the reality is that you are still riding with strangers. We didn’t grow up like this. We didn’t grow up sharing rides with strangers, not in this capacity. And I just don’t understand how people become so lax in the past few years that they’ve been introduced to this and thinking that they’ll be okay. You need to be as careful as you would be if you were going on a date with someone you didn’t know or you know, walking home and even in your own neighborhood, like you need to be especially cognizant of what’s going on around you getting on your phone and just, you know, checking your email or your social media or whatever is something that you can’t do. Like you need to be paying attention to what’s going around. You can be paying attention that you were on our to get to your destination, that in the direction that you’re supposed to go.

Paying attention to the person’s energy if they seem to be up to something or they seem to be anxious and nervous like these are all opportunities for you to be safe. This is not an opportunity for you to drink as much as you want to jump in a car and expect to be home safe and sound. Would you do that with anybody on the street? Would you do that if you were hitchhiking? No [Laugh]. And I’m saying that even though that they’re, they go through a background check and you know, they are on a platform, it still doesn’t curb some people’s deviant behavior. Some people just don’t care. Some people are just repeat offenders, some people are just driven by other things and you cannot allow a marketing message to make you change how it is that you go about living your life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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